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Image of the culinary event: Risotto Masterclass
Risotto Master Class at Arcadian Studio & Arcadian Loft- 401 Bay St. Simpson Tower, 8th Floor , Downtown Toronto on February 4, 2015
Not to be outdone by its West Coast competition, Toronto likewise throws a mean annual food event. From Jan. 30–Feb. 12, it’s a food lover’s paradise in Hogtown, with food-related special events and a dizzying selection of participating restaurants with mouth-watering deals on lunch and dinner. Visit:

Adventure ZoneQuebec
Québec Winter Carnival
The tradition of New France citizens gathering to drink, eat and be merry in the heart of cold, cold winter is long. Its modern iteration has reigned since 1955, when Bonhomme Carnaval was first welcomed. Today, Québec hosts the largest winter carnival in the world, with outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy. Visit:

Ottawa’s Winterlude
From Jan. 3–Feb. 6, it’s three fun-filled weekends in the nation’s capital, where activities include skating on one heck of a big skating rink, a hockey tournament, ice sculptures and the Snowflake Kingdom playground for kids. The city’s best local restaurants join in with specially designed culinary events as well. Visit:

Adventure Zone
Ice on Whyte
The price of oil may have plummeted, but that doesn’t mean Edmonton is out of the festival biz. From Jan. 32–Feb. 1, it’s nonstop fun at Ice on Whyte, the city’s annual ice-carving event, where all ages can play, slide, run, skate, eat and check out the astonishing works of icy art.

Valée Bras-du-Nord
Just 45 minutes from Québec, in the Portneuf region, cooperative Valée Bras-du-Nord is a wilderness treasure and a model of sustainable tourism. With 80 kilometres of hiking and snowshoeing trails open year-round, the region is a much-loved destination for outdoor enthusiasts. For those interested in a rustic experience, there are remote shelters and yurts for day trips and overnights; visitors craving access to nature but reluctant to sacrifice comfort have the option of luxury cottages, hotels and inns. Backcountry skiing, snowmobiling and fat-biking are all on tap. Equipment rental is available. Visit:

Winter Backpacking
By Ben Shillington and Rebecca Sandiford

Backpacking in the winter months can be exhilarating, refreshing and, with the help of this book, remarkably safe and comfortable. All it takes is some thoughtful planning and learning the tricks to keeping warm, dry and happy. Whether you're new to winter backpacking or a practised winter adventurer interested in upping your game, this easy-to-read guide was written for you. Visit:

The Grand Illusion
Now you see it, now you don’t? As North America’s only ice hotel celebrates its 15th birthday, Alvia Siddiqui talks with Québec’s Hôtel de Glace founder, Jacques Dubois, about his personal passion for winter and the sheer joy of sleeping in a snow shelter. Uniquely presented with the opportunity to rebuild his hotel annually, Dubois admits he takes every opportunity to renew his concept with fresh artistic ideas. In honour of the anniversary, this year’s theme is about travelling through time. Visit:
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