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Sunshine Village sits high on the Continental Divide in the heart of Banff National Park, yet just 15 minutes' drive from the cozy mountain town of Banff. Three sprawling mountains provide breathtaking sitelines, uninterrupted by any signs of civilization beyond the resort's leasehold. It is possible to ski in two provinces - Alberta and British Columbia - in one run. Sunshine Village's seven-month season stretches from early November until late May - the longest non-glacial season in Canada. The Village's altitude of 7,082 feet ensures the snow stays dry. Sunshine can receive up to nine metres (30 feet) of snow in a season, and it stays all year.

It's truly Canada’s Best Snow. The resort features more than 3,300 acres of skiable terrain, ranging from gentle, inviting beginner runs all the way up to the most extreme big mountain runs. Delirium Dive has been named one of the 10 top off-piste destinations in the world. The resort also features the massive 12-acre Rogers Terrain Park with more than 50 features once fully operational.
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In early 1980s when Sunshine Village was unknown, at least in Italy, Canadian Tourism, then still represented in Milan, organized a familiarization trip to Alberta and I ventured to Sunshine Village. I didn't carry my perosnal ski equipment and when I tried to rent a pair, I was told that they wasn't anymore. Actually they had some cross-country skis and I thought that it could have been fun skiing downhill via  the snowy and curvy road.
Well, my knees still hurt reminishing the hardship they went through since the road had snow but underneath it was frozen  frozen and it was only a skidding control  skiing in a snowplough position for a few kilometers without being able to make any attempt at skate-skiing or classic-style skiing.
However, it was fun and I still cherish that adventure.

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