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The Story of Yoshi
Posted on: June 9th, 2014 by Debbie Harding. Suggested by Alberto C. Alberi, Best Tours Kuoni 

Author: Clarise MacGillivray, Guest Service Agent, Conferences & Accommodation, University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus

I (Debbie Harding) am taking the opportunity to share a write up from one of our student Guest Service Agents. So often we try to think of things to show our appreciation to these students and to encourage a sense of ‘team’ and ‘camaraderie’ between them. As you can see, they are so inventive and supportive of each other! So, thank you to our wonderful, brilliant and FUN guest service agents! We are so lucky to have you all on board!
The Story of Yoshi
As we gear up for another busy conference season in the Okanagan, we would like to take a moment to introduce a special member of our front desk team. He goes by the name of Yoshi! If you are not familiar with this lovable character, Yoshi is the small dragon that carries Mario on his back in the popular Nintendo video game series. In our office we use Yoshi to acknowledge when another staff member has gone above and beyond – perhaps in customer service or dealing with a tough situation in which they were able to work through it in a professional manner.
As the summer goes on, Yoshi is passed from one team member to another as a way to show appreciation for the exceptional work of each individual that in the past may have gone unrecognized. The feeling of a fellow team mate passing the Yoshi on to you makes you feel extremely valued, and it motivates you to continue going above and beyond in all aspects that make the front desk run smoothly.
For example, I gave Yoshi to one of my co-workers after my very first shift at the front desk. We had a huge conference checking in just as my shift was starting and she was so patient with me. Even amongst the craziness of everyone arriving she made sure that I was comfortable and had everything that I needed to succeed on my first day. It was so nice to have that calming presence to help alleviate a lot of the stress I was feeling on that day.
Yoshi Moments
Yoshi Moments

The Story of Yoshi by Clarise MacGillivray, Guest Service Agent, Conferences & Accommodation
Debbie Harding, Conference Sales and Services Manager, UBC Okanagan campus
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