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Risultati immagini per canada pumpkins

... e adesso cosa fare di tutte queste bellissime zucche, da pochi chili fino al record di quasi 800 kg (vedi post 22 sett scorso) ???

Puoi scatenarti in cucina con squisite ricette autunnali (dolci e marmellate) oltre a preparare le scorte di  purea di zucca per future pietanze (zuppe, fricassee, crostate).

Risultati immagini per canada pumpkinsPuoi decorare il tuo giardino autunnale con calde sfumature di arancione...

Potresti persino organizzare una regata, utilizzando le zucche più grandi debitamente scavate ed alleggerite,  come fanno ogni anno a Windsor in Nova Scotia. Una gara dove si fronteggiano a pagaiate una sessantina di zucche nel tentativo di attraversare indenni i 500 metri del piccolo lago di Pisiquid. 

Ed infine, puoi prepararti per Halloween!!!

sabato 3 ottobre 2015


Lo storico ranch e B&B della famiglia Reesor si trova a Maple Creek nel Saskatchewan, a nord del Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park (un parco interprovinciale la cui maggiore superficie si estende tra le due provincie del Saskatchewan e dell'Alberta). 
Per chi ama cavalcare negli spazi infiniti e silenziosi...


Prova la sensazione di vivere da vero cowboy in compagnia di autentici  cowboys e cowgirls! Guarda:

Oggi gestito dalla quinta generazione di discendenti da David (1823-1902) della famiglia Reesor, nipote del noto  Peter Reesor (1775-1854, fondatore  di Markham in Ontario nel 1825). Come molte famiglie di Mennoniti pacifisti, i Reesor avevano lasciato la Pennsylvania  al termine della Rivoluzione Americana emigrando a nord nei territori della Corona Britannica che garantiva loro l'esenzione dal servizio militare.
On February 25, 1847, David Reesor (one of Canada's first Senators) from Markham Ontario, married Emily McDougall, sister of William L. McDougall, one of Canada's "Fathers of Confederation".   David and Emily had four daughters, Marion, Jessie, Annette and Nellie.  Then they had a son, William David, better known as WD. 
WD married Alice Moffatt, from Carleton Place Ontario, the second youngest  of eighteen children.  They met in Pilot Mound, Manitoba, and were married    in 1883.  They moved back to Markham Ontario, and lived there raising their four sons, Bruce, Frank, Harry and Colby.  WD farmed and raised registered  Jersey cattle, but times were hard and there was no room to expand.   With  the future of their four sons to think of,  the west with its boundless horizons no doubt called again and in 1900 WD headed west to the Cypress Hills, Graburn, Assiniboia, NWT (renamed Saskatchewan in 1905) to manage the Markham Ranch Company.  Alice and the boys followed by train in 1902.
A bad spring storm in 1903 killed 350 cows, over half of the Company's cattle which in turn wiped out the Ranching Company enterprise financially, but   WD and Alice decided to continue ranching for themselves and in 1904 they filed for a homestead claim.  According to their homestead file of 1904, WD, Alice and their 4 sons "moved into a shanty April 1905, and began to build house at once, but only got painted and plastered - ready to move into December 1906."   This very log home is partially encased in the large ranchhouse which stands here today.  In 2006 we celebrated the centennial of this original home's humble beginnings in 1906.
The present ranchhouse was built in 1916 and was one of the first in this area to have electricity and running water. When  WD and Alice Reesor decided to build the house they hired a designer from Calgary, Alberta, A.B. Himmelman, to design it.  They had it designed and built according to the Eastern Canadian styles they had both been raised with (Arts and Crafts style).  It was built for two families, themselves and one of their sons, Frank, and his wife, Hazel. 
Starting the construction of their new ranch home in 1916 was a dream come true and today the Reesors still proudly display and share the family's history with guests as they carry on with the 100 year family tradition of cattle ranching.
The present owners and residents of the ranch are Scott and Theresa (Drapeau) Reesor, their youngest daughter, Leanne (5th generation Reesor descendant) and Diane (Cadrin) Drapeau, Theresa's mother. 

Storia del lago Reesor (Alberta) che porta questo nome dal 1960:
Copied from 1960 article title "New Lake Name Honors Family"
A family of Canadians that reaches back to confederation has been honored through the efforts of the Medicine Hat Fish and Game Association.  The association carried out a proposal and recently received confirmation that Twin Lakes, in the Cypress Hills east of Elkwater, had been re-named Reesor Lake, in memory of William David Reesor, father of Colby Reesor, a long-time member of the Medicine Hat Fish and Game Association.  W.D. Reesor was the son of one of the early Canadian senators, also named William David Reesor, whose picture hangs in our Senate gallery today.  W.D. Reesor Jr. came to Gap, Sask. in 1900 and returned east for his family in 1902.  The original Reesor house still stands, eight miles from the site of Reesor Lake.  It has been continuously occupied by the descendants of Mr. Reesor and the present occupants are the fourth generation to live there and the seventh generation of the family in Canada since 1804.  Colby Reesor, secretary of the local fish and game association, was presented with a plaque commemorating the occasion at the last meeting of the Medicine Hat Association.  
The name change came into effect November 6, 1960

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Tony Calabretta returns to the stage

Sept 23, 2015 12:54 am | Agata De Santis

Don't Blame it on the Stork

A few years ago, writer and actor Tony Calabretta decided it was time to write a new play. It had been way too many years since he had penned the hit Damn Those Wedding Bells!
When it came time to stage it, he partnered with director Antonio DiVerdis and executive producer Eris Salvatori. Together they founded Pellegrini Productions. In partnership with the Leonardo Da Vinci Centre, they are the first company to stage a professional theatrical production in the Centre’s Mirella & Lino Saputo Theatre.
Most independent stage productions run for a very short time, anywhere from a couple of days to a week or two. Don’t Blame it on the Stork is scheduled to run for 31 shows in four weeks.
“We’re pretty sure this will hit a nerve with the theatre community and the Italian community,” Calabretta comments.
“The play tackles universal themes. It just happens to be an Italian family,” DiVerdis explains.
The team is very excited to have the collaboration of the Leonardo da Vinci Centre. The Centre, in turn, is counting on a successful run in order to bring more professional productions into its space.
“We want to prove that a professional English production can work in the space. And it’s also exciting for us because we are the first ones to do this,” Calabretta explains.
Don’t Blame it on the Stork follows the story of a very pregnant Carmie who is dealing with a husband who might not love her anymore and a family who lovingly meddles in all aspects of her life.
“When I tell people what the play is about, they ask, what’s so funny about this? What is funny about this story is how people around her react,” Calabretta comments.

Don't Blame it on the Stork

The play features a wonderful cast of local talent: Shawn Campbell as Derrick (The Envelope, Centaur Theatre; Stratford Festival), Guido Cocomello as Mario (stand-up comic and actor including six Centaur Theatre productions and Just for Laughs’ Zoofest), Veronica Melis as Bettina, Eleanor Noble as Theresa (August, An Afternoon in the Country and Social Studies, Centaur Theatre; Wife Begins at Forty, Hudson Village Theatre), Dino Tavarone as Mimmo (Omertà; Mambo Italiano; Long Long Short Short, Infinitheatre) and Nadia Verrucci as Carmie (Carmela’s Table, Centaur Theatre; Billy The Days of Howling, Talisman Theatre; The Jazz Singer, Segal Centre).
Calabretta himself plays Lou.
“My character is a simpleton, but a philosopher in his own way. He has particular views on certain subjects,” Calabretta muses.
“Tony has a tendency to steal the show,” DiVerdis adds.
Audiences will remember Calabretta from last season’s The Envelope at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal.
“This play is not a farce, we’re not pushing for the laughs. The comedy will come out of the real situation,” DiVerdis comments.
Calabretta and DiVerdis have known one another for over 20 years and have been developing projects together for the past eight. Don’t Blame it on the Stork is the first project to come out of their collaboration. But it will not be the last. The duo is already planning their next project that will see Calabretta in the lead and DiVerdis directing.
Don’t Blame it on the Stork runs until Sunday, October 11, 2015 at the Leonardo da Vinci Centre, located at 8370 Blvd Lacordaire, in St. Leonard. Ticket prices range from $34.50 to $52.50. To purchase tickets, please call (514) 955-8370 or visit
For more information on the play, please visit 

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Questa è una sagra autunnale che non mi perderei per nulla al mondo: troppo simpatica e spiritosa la sfida fra produttori di zucche (ed anche pomodori, verze, girasoli, ...). Uno dei numerosi appuntamenti in tutte le provincie orientali del Canada è per sabato 17 ottobre a Wellington, nella Prince Edward County in Ontario, a nord-ovest di Toronto. 

 - Photo Nick Ares / Flickr

Operazioni di scarico per l'allestimento...

... Frankie, be careful!!!!...get out of the way!!!!!!!!!!

 - Hazel Legate / Flickr

... l'anno prossimo Frankie starà più attento...

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Invecchiare in Canada è un buon affare: nell'elenco  Global Age Watch index (HelpAge International) dei 96 Paesi del mondo dove la vecchiaia è tutelata nel modo migliore (sanità, servizi, ambiente, etc.) il Canada è al quinto posto, dopo Svizzera, Norvegia, Svezia e Germania. Solo dopo questo eccellente quintetto troviamo in ordine sparso Usa, Regno Unito, Olanda, Islanda, Giappone, ed altre nazioni  che

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e’re in a good place. Not the best, but close.
Canada ranks fifth as the best place to grow old, with Switzerland topping the list followed by Norway, Sweden and Germany.
We’re ahead of the Netherlands, Iceland and Japan.
The U.S. ranks ninth followed by the United Kingdom.
The Global Age Watch index was compiled by HelpAge International, which determines the best and worst countries for older people taking into account income status, health status, enabling environment, education and employment.
Canada got the highest score for health, at number four worldwide.
Canada also ranks high in the enabling environment domain despite older people reporting low satisfaction with public transport (56 per cent).
Satisfaction with civic freedom (93 per cent) and social connectedness (94 per cent) are among the highest in the region.
The country also ranks high in income security with 97.7 per cent pension income coverage and a poverty rate (6.8 per cent) below the regional average.
We also scored well with the employment rate (60.5 per cent) and educational attainment among older people (84.5 per cent) above regional averages.
According to the report:
– There are 8 million Canadians over the age of 60.
– In 2014, people over 60 made up 22.3 per cent of the population. This will increase to 29.4 per cent in 2030 and 32.5 per cent in 2050.
– A 60-year old Canadian can expect to live 25 more years.
– A 60-year old Canadian can expect to live in good health for an average of 18.3 years.

Global AgeWatch Index 2015

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Il Progetto WILD è un invito a residenti e turisti a postare dei video su Instagram (tag  #15secondsofBCche, nel pur brevissimo spazio temporale disponibile, trasmettano una personale immediata percezione della natura selvaggia ed incontaminata della British Columbia.  Dallo scorso mese di luglio fino alla fine di settembre è possibile partecipare al concorso che vede un vincitore settimanale. I migliori video appariranno su Nel frattempo sii possono vedere tutti i video finora inviati cliccando QUI.

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Calendario degli eventi: cinema, musica, esposizioni, danza, teatro. 


Settembre 2015

Xavier Dolan1-7 settembre
Un genio al lavoro. Retrospettiva su Xavier Dolan
Spazio Oberdan, Milano


The Mahones1 settembre
The Mahones 
Spazio Polivalente, Caramagna Piemonte (CN)

2 settembre
LO-FI, Milano

Early Winter3 settembre
Michael RoweEarly Winter,
Sala Perla (ore 11.30), Venezia
Giornate degli Autori
Mostra del Cinema di Venezia

Cristina Picchi 
Champ des possibles
Palabiennale (ore 16.30), Venezia
Orizzonti Cortometraggi
Mostra del Cinema di Venezia
4 settembre
Michael Rowe
Early Winter
Sala Perla (ore 11.30), Venezia
Giornate degli Autori
Mostra del Cinema di Venezia

Edward Burtynsky3 settembre – 1 novembre
Edward Burtynsky 
Acqua Shock
Palazzo della Ragione Fotografia, Milano

Jinny Yu4 settembre – 22 novembre
Jinny YuDon't They Ever Stop Migrating?
Oratorio di San Ludovico (Nuova Icona), Venezia


Simple Plan5 settembre
Simple PlanHome Festival, Treviso
6 settembre
Rock in Roma – Ippodromo delle Capannelle, Roma

Remember10 settembre
Atom EgoyanRemember
Sala Grande (ore 19.30), Venezia
Palabiennale (ore 20.00), Venezia
Selezione Ufficiale/Venezia 72
Mostra del Cinema di Venezia


Champ des possibles © Cristina Picchi11 settembre
Cristina Picchi
Champ des possibles
Sala Casinò (ore 14.00), Venezia
Orizzonti Cortometraggi
Mostra del Cinema di Venezia

Daniel Alfredson
Go with meSala Grande (ore 22.00), Venezia
Fuori Concorso 
Mostra del Cinema di Venezia

Go with me12 settembre
Daniel Alfredson 
Go with me
Palabiennale (ore 17.45), Venezia
Fuori Concorso
Mostra del Cinema di Venezia


Jo-Anne McArthur15 settembre
Jo-Anne McArthur
We animals – Noi animali
Saloncino delle Murate, Firenze

16 settembre
Margutta Veg Ristorarte, Roma
20 settembre
Convento di San Francesco, Pordenone

Complexe des genres21-23 settembre Virginie Brunelle
Complexe des genres
MilanOltre Festival
Teatro Elfo Puccini, Milano


Robert Lepage 88723 - 26 settembre 2015
Robert Lepage/Ex Machina
RomaEuropa Festival
Teatro Argentina, Roma


Virginie Brunelle24 settembre Virginie Brunelle
MilanOltre Festival
Teatro Elfo Puccini, Milano


bODY_rEMIX29-30 settembre Marie Chouinard
MilanOltre Festival
Teatro Elfo Puccini, Milano