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La novantaquattrenne  Nina McLachlan ha impiegato  6 settimane (circa 120 ore di lavoro) per realizzare questa mappa in cartapesta e colori acrilici con effetti tridimensionali per rappresentare quel lungo sentiero, che ormai collega oltre il 90 percento del territorio canadese attraversando tutte le 10 province ed i  3 territori, mettendo in rilievo flora e fauna specifica di ogni zona.

"Discover...The Trans Canada Trail" 
Original artwork by Nina McLachlan 

McLachlan (94) as a National Champion
Nina presenting her map to students in 2015   Photo: Melissa Smalley
The Trans Canada Trail (TCT) is delighted to welcome Nina McLachlan, 
a resident of British Columbia, to the ranks of its National Champions.

A retired registered nurse, 94-year old Nina combines a lifelong love of art, nature and Canada's landscape. She created a a three-dimensional map of Canada that took her six weeks - roughly 120 hours - to complete (banner above). 

The map details the route that the Trail follows, incorporating relief figures of each territory and province's flower and species (hand-moulded with papier mâché) and intricate landscape details. Nina created the project in an effort to "stimulate an interest and appreciation of the cohabitation of wildlife and man". She hopes her project will inspire others to explore the Trail a "landmark" she said she's proud to be a part of, for "what it represents to the Canadian Nation" - in her words.

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