giovedì 8 dicembre 2016


E’ in corso nella CASA D’ITALIA di Montréal la terza edizione della Young Italian Canadian Artists Exhibition, una mostra che mette in evidenza giovani talenti artistici sviluppatisi in seno alla comunità italo-canadese della città.

Mimmo Scali ’s multi-media work continues to draw inspiration from pop culture icons. His colorful works are not restricted to a flat canvas. Clothing, fashion accessories, furniture and even kitchen plates are now a big part of his collection.
Alessandro Flocco is just 15 years old and in tenth grade. Already a veteran painter – he started painting at age 11 – Flocco has produced over 100 abstract paintings and has been showcased in three exhibits.
Since graduating from university, Cynthia Magri has focused on expanding her portfolio of comic book- and animation-inspired works. She is able to capture realism and emotion on the same canvas, a technique she credits her schooling to.
Tania Schiliro (aka Madame Tadame) is a painter, photographer and writer. Her paintings touch on real-life experiences and travel and can best be described as abstract realism.
Other artists featured in the exhibit include: Eve Amabili-Rivet, Nania Girard Sergi, Alessandro Pappadia, and Marianne Paquette. 

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