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UN MOMENTO with Caterina Edwards

Caterina Edwards

L'intervista di Domenico Capilongo collaboratore di  ITALOCANADESE è disponibile per intero al seguente link:

Caterina Edwards is one of the most groundbreaking and powerful writers in Canada today. She is one of the first writers to write about the Italian immigrant experience in Canada through her plays, fiction and memoirs. ...

Your novel, The Sicilian Wife, has been described as a “literary noir”. Was it difficult to write a thrilling mystery?

I found it much more difficult than I expected. I had to discipline myself, cut out many passages that were unnecessary or self-indulgent, especially the lyrical passages. And the mechanics of a mystery plot were tough, in particular controlling and coordinating the time sequence of events in both Italy and Canada. I did try to follow some of the mystery form, using suspense, placing my detective in danger, and having that detective and the chief villain confront each other face to face. I am proud of that chapter.

How much research did you need to do to write this novel?
Much more than I expected.
I read a number of books on the Sicilian Mafia and the women in that organization. I consulted with two Edmonton policemen, one of whom was Italian-Canadian. A Questore in Italy generously let me spend a day watching him work and answering my questions. It was important to me to give a sense of Sicily in its complexity. I visited three times with my husband and daughters. I interviewed a number of my husband’s relatives and friends. I read works on Sicilian history and anthropology, as well as Sicilian writers (in the original Italian): Verga, Lampedusa, Vittorini, Camillieri, and most inspiring, Leonardo Sciascia. The Sicilian tales in Calvino’s Fiabe. The newly translated Beautiful Angliola, The Great Treasury of Sicilian Folk and Fairy Tales: I used it all the way through.

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