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UN MOMENTO with Giulia De Gasperi

Giulia De Gasperi

Un Momento with Giulia De Gasperi
by Domenico Capilongo, ITALOCANADESE 15.06.2016

Giulia De Gasperi is a dynamic and passionate author advocate. She is hardworking and very active in both the Canadian and Italian literary scene. She is currently the Vice-President of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers where she works tirelessly to support writers and provide them with opportunities to share their work to a larger audience. Giulia is also the owner of Radici Translation and Wordcraft, a company that builds bridges between Canadian writers and the Italian publishing world. We should pay attention to Giulia De Gasperi because her new exciting projects will, without a doubt, be some of the best additions to our growing body of literature.
What is Radici Translation and Wordcraft?
Radici Translation and Wordcraft was born about six months ago, in November 2015. It offers a variety of writing services to Canadian and Italian authors.
I see Radici T&W as a bridge between Canada and Italy (for now, because I believe there is always room for expansion). This bridge helps authors and their works to be translated and published in Canada, if they are Italians, and in Italy, if they are Canadians. Radici T&W specializes in translation proposals of literary works and aims at increasing the numbers of Canadian books translated into Italian and vice versa. But Radici T&W offers other writing services in English and Italian: evaluation of manuscripts, editing, proofreading, discussion and development of book ideas. I do not like the words “representation” and “agent”. I think both words are now saturated with negative connotations. They intimidate emerging authors and they annoy publishers. I like to call myself a “literary matchmaker” because that is exactly what I do: I find the best match for an author and his or her work, be it in Canada or in Italy or in both countries. You could say I am an advocate for the writers, authors and artists in whom I believe. 
We all know the current state of the publishing world; it is undergoing tremendous pressure to adapt to an ever-changing market and to rapidly respond to demands and requests. They are telling us no one reads any longer, there is no interest in the written word, in books, hence in publishers and bookstores, but I do not believe in any of this. What I see is a resurgence of interest, of love, and passion for and belief in the dynamic spark of humanity’s creativity. I am happy to be part of this new wave of thinking outside the box, of trying new innovative ways to put authors, writers, and books back where they belong. At the centre of our lives and our hearts.

Are Italians really interested in Canadian literature?
Italians have a deep passion and interest for everything foreign, especially when it comes to literary works. They admire English, American and French literatures and have opened up to literary productions from other countries as well. Radici T&W wants to help raise awareness and interest of the beautifully vast, diverse and unique literature produced in Canada that goes well beyond the already well-known and established authors.
There are also very strong ties between Canada and Italy, fostered by the active Italian-Canadian communities spread all over the country. Let’s not forget that, based on the 2011 Census, Italians are the sixth largest ethnic group in Canada and that Italian is still a widely spoken language within our country’s borders.
Translations of Italian works into English and/or French and of Canadian works in Italian can only enhance our nation’s mandate for multiculturalism and strengthen mutual understanding, support both literary output and offer possibilities for collaboration and co-operation.

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