mercoledì 11 marzo 2015


  Le fotografie sono mie, di qualche inverno fa, ma il video  è del bellissimo sito NATURALLY IN NIAGARA diretto da Marc DeLisio. Nel video si racconta con immagini e suoni che cosa vuol dire quando le acque delle Cascate del Niagara vengono frenate dal gelo!
Davvero emozionante.

Marc DeLisio is the Director of Marketing and Technology at Naturally in Niagara. Marc loves Niagara, and is striving to make it an even better place to Live, Work, Play, Invest and Retire!
Freezing cold temperatures have caused large ice formations to gather along Niagara Falls. While not quite completely frozen, gargantuan icicles  and snow banks decorate the world-renowned tourist attraction in a wondrous fashion. Even when you watch the water flow over the edge, you can glimpse large fragments of ice being carried along with the flow. The last recorded date of the mighty Niagara Falls being thwarted was in 1848.

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