giovedì 11 dicembre 2014


OGGI ...

Un nuovo sito per chi vuol cimentarsi con le mitiche nevi canadesi
This winter, it’s going to be epic.
The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has teamed up with members of the Canadian Ski Council (CSC) to unleash a new digital hub to inspire ski travellers around the world to make Canada their winter destination. has taken a fresh approach compared with regular destination tourist-board sites. Designed to look like a social network, consumers can discover great ski and snowboard stories, inspirational images and heart-pounding videos. Guest contributors and influential ski personalities also chime in each week with their views.
What else is in the powder mix? There’s news on the best Canadian ski destinations, gear, resorts and events from people who have ice (skiing and snowboarding) in their veins as well as quirky and unusual tidbits from around the winter-sports industry.

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