venerdì 21 novembre 2014


Time travel has never been more fun and interesting than it is at Kings Landing! The 1800s is alive and well at this Living History Museum in New Brunswick, Canada. Butter Making, Spinning Wool, Forging Nails, Splitting Logs… the 19th century at its best.

At Kings Landing Historical Settlement, we offer you 4 different ways to experience our village:

Museum – In these homes you will see some of the finest antiques from Kings Landing’s collection, and learn interesting facts about the lifestyle of 1800s New Brunswickers.

Story – As you step into these areas you will be entertained (in a dramatic fashion) with the daily shenanigans, goings on and poignant events of 19th century village life!

Hands On - Roll up your sleeves and be ready to pitch in! Our villagers have many projects on the go and need your help with activities like butter-making, weeding the gardens and spinning wool. Here is your chance to participate in 19th century living!

Trades – Our tradesmen are busy filling orders for their customers. See them hard at work, making nails, shingles, and anything else needed to keep our village running!

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