martedì 7 ottobre 2014


It's hard to believe August 2014 has slipped past so quickly, September is gone ,too. Soon Harvest Festivals, Thanksgiving …
Ottawa continues to surprise me in pleasant ways.  Just along the Ottawa River, near Remic Rapids, I saw several different breeds of ducks, including these Mergansers 
Close to the Canadian War Museum [which has some extraordinary regular exhibits, plus some exceptional special exhibits related to the 1st World War (Paintings, Sketches, Sculptures) well worth more than a few minutes as they are put together quite thoughtfully]I was one of the first people to photograph this adult Great Blue Heron 
  I was more than 50 metres away, when it stretched out its neck (sorry my shot of this was terrible) it was over 5 feet tall!  Apparently they are quite reclusive. 
There have been many events & activities to keep locals & visitors busy.  The Balanced Art show I mentioned last year was even more fascinating.  The Ottawa River was (& has stayed) higher than last year, so a greater challenge for the artists.  They came from around the world (Africa & Australia not represented).   You can see what happened when artist Kathy Clarke from Atascadero, Ca was adjusting one of her works that had stood for 3 days:

Friends were in from England, France, Germany, Italy  and the Netherlands for visits/weddings etc.  Only a couple had been here before – they were impressed by sights, museums, food and beverage. Tourists I met (Tanya, Bobbie, Ivor, Marten, Ryan are just a few of the more than 150 in August alone) all had compliments.
Heritage Ottawa held informative walks on Sundays, the weather always co-operated.  I have learnt so much about the Parliamentary Precinct, New Edinburgh, early bank buildings, the Clemow area. Even tourists attended several – thanks to hotel concierges/staff (Lord Elgin, Westin, Marriott, Delta, Chateau Laurier, and Capital Hill were most frequently mentioned), B & B owners…
The extremely shy Cardinals in our backyard have occasionally remained still enough for me to not only enjoy their songs, but also capture them digitally.  This 1 year old (the bright red plumage signifies male) still hears the supposedly silent digital works on my Nikon at over 78 metres – you can see he is looking right at me. Either 70-300mm or 12-24mm wide angle lens have been used.
Ottawa’s Food scene remains vibrant – Navarra, Carisse Studio Café, Grounded Kitchen & Coffee House, La Favorita, Cylie Patisserie & Chocolaterie, The Foolish Chicken, Das Lokal, La Bottega Nicastro are some that exceed expectations on a regular basis. These are not named in order of preference.
As it is the 100th Anniversary of the start of the War to End all Wars (wow, we know that has not happened, and we are certainly learning more about why not), I thought that an image of an incredibly resilient flower – much like our human spirit - should appear here:

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